Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still exhausted --- But money back !?

This day was not as good as expected. Early start for NA but nothing especially groovy. Later the keywords were Mexico, Midwest and Graveyards. KBMW, KDMO, WREY, WEBC, KTEL, KSBN, KGNW, KDBM, KRPL. EWTN 1400 a moment ago must be KIHH. Lots of common GY-stuff. Promising signals from OC in the afternoon. Right now Fiji comes in like a local (13:55 UTC).


Hassan's hemishpere said...

Has the Deep Burple contest finished? If not, do you accept entries from other expeditions? We can ship you MP3-files with our contributions.


LURX said...

DBC will be part of the LURX-style DX promo video that we'll shoot in the last evening (after an extended period of sleepless DXing). File transfers would be a problem (we have real problems with the slow GPRS here) but we'll gladly accept your contributions after the DXpedition. It would be nice to add "At the same time in Norway"-clip into the video with your "audio greetings".