Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

LURX signing off

Cx continues: STRONG signals from 22 UTC, but mostly dominants at night. WRRD ! It's time to say goodbye, thanks for sharing your time with us. ((( Let the madness end ))).

Hunting and Berry Picking

The development of rx hardware has proceeded from classic rigs to software defined radios. Each of us has several front-end classic rigs for hunting - we all love DXing with the gambling element included. We also have background sdr's (Perseus, SDR-14) for automated DXing. Thanks to the wideband DX option of Perseus we actually have them "all" waiting on the disks, it just takes approximately 3000 hours to go them all through. So your detailed loggings are highly appreciated for the berry picking (...grin...)

Back to the Business

And we like it ! Fine signals from the Caribbean at night followed by excellent day for DX with stations from SC to CA with nice signal levels. Especially the MN-SD-ND triangle was hot on the dial. Huge amount of work will be needed to solve all the audio puzzles on the disks !

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wadda... Cx Down !

Lowsy night, miserable morning (though WSBT logged), standard afternoon with lots of common GY-stations (KIHH seems to be one of the dominants on 1400 nowadays). It seems that this time we haven't been as lucky as last year. But we still have two days left and ... WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER !


Huge package of signals from Alabama and smaller packages from Lousiana and Mississippi. Should have arrived early last night. Hopefully not missent to Norway. Finders fee.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gringos have been peed in the eye (=old Finnish proverb)

Earlier we were informed that this particular day should be the beginning of the Super Cx period of the decade. Would you buy a used car from that man: we had strong signals from dominant stations at night followed by mediocre daytime cx. No special hotspot areas noted and only a few interesting stations were found. Some of the picks include WNYY, WXXI, KRIB, KFJB, WLFN, KJOC, WAUR.