Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let there be light. Let there be DX.

The K-index value was getting lower so the cx recovery process was in the full swing. Some common AK & AF in the evening, nothing special at night. But then came the light (sunrise) and brought the DX as well: nice ECNA opening with stations like WNBH, WLOB, WKBK, WXBR, WPLM, WRHC, WENJ, WBAE and many more still waiting in the disks (the amount of work will be huge). "The Butcher of Veikkola" surprised our small community with RNE-1 Cabra 972. Later on the condition peak moved more west (KFNW, KVXR, KWIK, KZIZ). Finally some after-ski findings from Day 1: AIR Avadi 1395 & Port Blair 684.

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