Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exhausted, part II

After enjoying incredible sunset cx to Iran we had some X-Aussies in the evening. After a good four hours sleep continuous monitoring from 23 UTC. At night we had to rent a K-KAR and drive pilluralli around Nebraska and neighborhood: Lincoln, Beatrice, North Platte, Spencer etc. It was OK even though we really had wanted to have a W-WAUNU but didn't find a dealer. Good DX whole day long, including NE-KS-SD-CO-WY-OR. Unfortunately we were not able to skip our pre-planned trip to Inari so we probably missed some goodies. KLIN, KWBE, KICD, KPOW, KTOQ, KNSS, KSID, KLAD, KVOW, KOOQ, KSOO, KVTK, KUGN. Added with some 500 more after all the recordings have been listened (the full list will appear in the 3rd quarter of 2010, maybe).


Hassan's hemishpere said...

Greetings from KONG18! We really enoy reading your blog. Both because of the contents but also because it's very entertaining. We have finally fixed some technical problems here and are ready for action! Party on!


LURX said...

Good luck, brothers !